Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spotlight on Lo-Keys

Lo-Keys is the truth. Plain and simple. Hailing from the streets of Fayetteville, North Carolina this rising MC has become a hot commodity in the street. Signed as a solo artist to independant record label " NAM RECORDS ", Lo-Keys has earned an established buzz. Blazing the mixtape circut with his flashy punchlines and catchy hooks he has quickly become an underground favorite. " Writing raps is a hobby for me " says Keys, " Ima hustler so anyway i can see this guap, ima grind for it". Lo-Keys started writing his thoughts in 2002. He dropped his first solo mixtape under Nam Records in 2005 and sold thousands of tapes in the Carolina region. " I never thought i would have been a favorite with the hood like this " says Keys, " Once people told me i was nice with this rap shit i started taking it seriously and it popped off from there". Lo-Keys determination has kept him grinding putting heat to production from top underground producers such as Inkredible, Got Beats, Green Room Productions, Lokken Load, Capp and Kid Wonder, Rude Boy Productions, Wise Beats and many others. Before all the papers were signed and before the mixtapes were dropped Keys befriended his manager Karris "Popa Gat" Fulgam. These two together would eventurally come together to form an alliance called " The Crime Committie". The group has become one of the most highly anticipated crews to drop a mixtape in the region. " Really i just went and recruited people as nice as me " says Keys. " I surrounded myself with people who are loyal. We are all equally nice in our own right and god willing we will enter and leave the game together ". Now fishing for a solo record deal Keys gears up to drop his second mixtape. " This shit should go hood platinum" says Keys. The mixtape will feature some of the undergrounds top names such as Big Cas(Wrecking Crew ), Young Rain ( First In Flight ), A Pinks, Traffic ( Wrecking Crew/ Gmf ), Geolani ( Team Afficial), Lady Luck (Universal), St. Laz ( Pottersfeild ), Lo Smooth (HardTyymes), Montega ( Team Afficial ) and the Crime Committie. With the release of his new mixtape and the underground buzz he's gaining there is no telling where Lo-Keys may end up in 2008

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