Monday, April 9, 2012

Lo Keys Interview With

Meet Lo Keys. This North Carolina spitter isn't aspiring to re-create the proverbial hip-hop wheel, he's just focusing on perfecting it. In an age where the rap game is often times over-saturated with artists and material, Lo Keys is ameliorating a paradigm and approach to his music that is not only innovative and original, but also ingenious. Distinctiveness is the operative word when describing his craft. His flow, delivery, and writing approach is so vastly divergent that each track, mixtape, or any other material he releases supplants his previous. LK makes songs for the clubs, ladies, weed heads, backpackers, hipsters, OG's, and everyone in between. He's a punch-line rapper, a story teller, a party starter, and a concise lyricist. His music displays a demonstrative outlay and in-depth look into a life he currently lives, the metamorphosis of his work, and the end result of the legacy in hip-hop he is aspiring to cultivate. Lo Keys remains humble and grinding, letting his assortment of works do the boasting for him. It's A Rap had the opportunity to talk with the NC native and being from a region that is spasmodically overlooked, he is on the cusp of making a sizable impact on the game and soon Lo Keys presence will be anything but low key. View The Rest Of The Interview Here

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